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How we created a new website and increased organic leads by 6X

Find out how we received a lead generation channel and a lot of cool projects with a new branded website. In fact, the number of organic leads increased by 6x in just a month!🚀


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We’re excited to announce the transition to a new Aligned Code’s website! Our team created a branded site to enhance lead generation and boost user engagement through a modern intuitive design and high usability. As a result, we increased the number of organic leads by 6x in just the first month. In the article, you will learn what journey we passed towards such great results.

Home page after redesign
Home page before redesign

Established in 2013, Aligned Code is among the best software development companies. In fact, an IT firm has a client satisfaction rate of over 95%. Aligned Code has also been repeatedly featured by trusted B2B review and rating platforms, including Clutch, The Manifest, DesignRush, and GoodFirms.🏆

By the end of 2023, Aligned Code created 100+ software solutions for sectors such as fintech, e-commerce, e-learning, adtech, healthcare, as well as media and entertainment.

However, the CEO Arthur V. understood that things could be even better. So, Aligned Code was in the search of ways to grow a company and generate more leads. In this regard, Arthur decided to hire a digital marketer to restructure the marketing process.

Soon, Polina M., a skilled marketing manager with over 8 years of experience, joined the team. She had clearly understood how to make the required improvements and generate a flow of leads. Therefore, a new website became the main strategy for 2024, as one of the most hypothetically effective ways to achieve Aligned Code’s goals.

The problem with the old website📛

After performing competitor marketing research and Aligned Code’s SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, Polina revealed that the main lead channels were Clutch, client testimonials, and word of mouth.

However, the website brought very few leads due to a totally outdated design: the last changes were made back in 2015! Additionally, sales representatives said they lost potential clients because the website didn’t provide a portfolio.

Portfolio after redesign
Portfolio before redesign

It is worth noting that this is a common problem for companies across probably all industries, from healthcare and finance to adtech, retail, and education. Meanwhile, a good website could help them increase sales by up to 20x and sometimes even more.

In this context, the development of a new website became one of the primary tasks, with plans to release it at the beginning of 2024.

If you want to make a redesign or build a modern, performant website, contact our team!

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The goal is to increase organic leads by 20x🚀

Polina had successful experience in website redesign and launch for several IT outsourcing companies, which gave a boost in organic leads by 20–30x. With the new site, Aligned Code aimed to increase the number of leads by at least 20x in 2024.

In fact, a new website passed the following steps:

  1. Marketing research. Our marketing team started out with competitor website analysis, then outlined a list of pages to be published.
  2. Brainstorming. During brainstorming, the team worked out an information architecture (IA), thinking through how to organize and visibly display website content. They also worked out how to make navigation the most convenient for clients, categorizing pages by Services, Solutions, and Industries.

    Testimonials and Portfolio pages were created to allow users to check out customer reviews and Aligned Code’s expertise.
  3. Design. In two weeks, UI/UX experts built a clickable prototype. Next, the team delivered a modern, intuitive, and visually appealing design.
  4. Development & Testing. The engineers developed a website, then QA professionals tested it for bugs and errors while ensuring security and smooth performance.
  5. Launch. Finally, Aligned Code released a new branded website, making it available to users.
Aligned Code new website screenshots

Identifying the best way to create a new website🔑

Well, what was the best way to create a new website? To find the answer, marketing and developer teams joined forces to choose between three options:

  1. Write custom code for the entire website. Aligned Code was thinking about this approach, since it provides a high level of customization.
  2. Create the website on the Webflow, or a visual website builder. This would allow for saving time.
  3. Use custom code + CMS Sanity. Thanks to this method, even non-technician specialists would be able to make the necessary changes (for instance, add new articles, case studies, or images) in minutes without distracting programmers from their main work.

IT experts considered various factors, involving development speed, pricing, hosting, and content management system (CMS) support. Furthermore, the possibility to publish or edit content by non-tech specialists was of special importance.

After the comparison, custom code and CMS Sanity won the battle. For instance, websites that are completely written by programmers don’t allow for introducing any content changes without coding. Hence, to post a new article, add an image, or alter a piece of text, marketers had to turn to engineers who are often busy with their software projects.

Regarding CMS, custom code + Sanity supports an unlimited number of content types, translations, a content database, and a content editor out of the box and free of charge. Webflow websites, in turn, provide many limitations and a lower level of customization. So, CMS Sanity became an elective resolution.

Design and launch of a new branded website✅

Once the best way to build a new website was identified, the team proceeded to create a UI/UX design. Starting with trend analysis and brainstorming, UI/UX experts discovered several interesting ideas to implement some design elements. In 2 weeks, a dynamic clickable prototype was ready.

Polina and Arthur were heartily satisfied; it was really what they actually wanted. To get valuable feedback, they also showcased the prototype to their clients, who enjoyed the design and gave just a few small recommendations.

In nearly 1.5 months, the design was developed, tested, and released to the public. Aligned Code is happy to share the end result with you. So, have a look at our new website and evaluate the results!

Contact us form after redesign
Contact us form before redesign

Results: More than expected🎯

With a branded website, Aligned Code managed to increase the number of organic leads by 6x during the first month and receive 2 perspective contracts to build a mobile social media app and web platform.‎️‍ The team is also excited to improve MAU and DAU by 15%, as well as reduce bounce rate by 25%. On top of that, session length rose by 1.30 minutes.🔥

If you want to boost organic traffic, generate more leads, and earn higher income but don’t have a website or aim to make a redesign, contact us. We will get back to you within a business day and help address all issues. Project consultation is free of charge.🎁

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