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Aligned Code helps you open up solid user acquisition channels while positively impact retention by delivering crossplatform apps for Smart TV, web applications, lean cloud-backed hybrid or native apps and powerful mobile websites right tuned to any iOS, Android, Windows or whatever device. If it has a screen we will design & develop for it.

We focus on building cutting edge products with less but better that challenge our developers and excite our customers. Minimum time to market and a stunning customer experience is what we're good at. We love what we do so each project we take on is done with the same attention to detail as any project we would do for ourselves.


  • Aligned Code is based on accomplishment, trust and respect. That is why our clients ❤ us.


    User Experience & Design

    We deliver a complete solution with stunning customer experience aimed to joy our end users. Starting from a sketch on a napkin to complete responsive design accompanied by beautiful animations we cover all the aspects of interfaces, user experience & design.

    Online Marketing

    You already have a great design, remarkable brand and lean implementation? Just add some our spices like product analytics, ASO, SEO, SMO, email marketing and your project will rocketlaunch today.

    Brand Identity

    ♪ Love Is In The Air...Remember that feeling? We associate love with your identity by creating stunning app icons, high conversive app pages in different stores and supporting materials such as ads, banners and other crucial stuff.

    Mobile Solutions

    Make your business mobile by building responsive & adaptive websites and custom applications aimed to work across different platforms and multiple mobile devices. Yuh, literally on any device. Your product will run on Smart TV, watch or even on your fridge in the kitchen.


    It is not done unless it is implemented and launched. We are mad on development and once we have clear roadmap we urge to build the product. Right away! iOS, Windows, Android, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, cloud backends and beyond.


    A goal is a dream with a deadline. Have a great idea and need help to launch it live? Today's business is super fast so we are here to help you seize the opportunity in one moment. We love new projects that challenge us so do not hesitate to contact us a free consultation or to enjoy a cup of finest ☕.



    It is estimated there will be 1 Bn Smart TVs by 2020. The market is booming. We believe disruption of status quo and getting an app for your product early on will positively impact your retention and open up solid user acquisition channels.

    Most of our competitors are software companies and they solve problems by giving people more software and technology, which people actually hate. For us, the technology needs to get out of the way as fast as possible. That is the key to good app with the minimum time to market.

    Why Aligned Code?

    With our apps you will



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