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Mobile app design for the manufacturer and supplier of e-bicycles

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Business Results

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    With a modern, beautiful, and user-friendly design of a mobile solution, the company tested the target audience’s reaction and received positive feedback.

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    As the client was more than satisfied with the result and overall collaboration, it decided to delegate mobile app development to our team, too.

Clientabout us

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“I was very satisfied with the cooperation. Aligned Code’s team is professional, easygoing, and supportive. You can expect hardworking IT experts who delve into customer needs and are deeply involved in the project. They’re not just great work contractors but reliable partners providing assistance every step of the way.”

Maxime Julien, CEO of an e-bicycle manufacturing company.

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About the project


Founded in 2019, the client is a manufacturer and supplier of electric bicycles. Based in Paris, France, the organization served nearlу 28,000 of the country’s residents.

Mobile app design for the European provider of e-bicyclesMobile app design for the European provider of e-bicycles

Project goal

Producing electric bicycles, the company managed to attract a wide audience in France. To extend its influence across the country and boost consumer satisfaction, the client needed to enable users to track their trips, monitor performance (distance passed, speed, power, battery level, etc.), and find cyclists nearby.

For this purpose, the organization aimed to make a mobile application. Looking for a trusted IT partner, the customer decided to hire Aligned Code due to its vast expertise in building top-notch e-mobility solutions.

First and foremost, the client wanted to receive wireframes and proceed to user interface development if satisfied with the outcome.

Mobile app design for the European provider of e-bicycles


Our team started by clarifying the project goals and specifications. Then, we estimated the scope of work, providing time and budget assessments. The client also wanted to get expert advice on how to develop a mobile application, for example, what functionality was required to meet end-user needs.

This way, our business analyst performed competitors’ and the audience’s research. Thanks to this, we were able to determine user expectations and prioritize features properly.

In just a week, we drew wireframes to visualize the solution structure and showcased them to the customer. Since the manufacturer of bicycles was totally satisfied with the outcome and overall cooperation, it decided to delegate mobile app design to us, too.

So, we created a user interface (UI) / experience (UX) design, ensuring high usability and smooth navigation. By making the interface intuitive, we enabled users to interact with the product without even thinking.

Mobile app design for the European provider of e-bicycles

Following Agile best practices, our professionals managed to demonstrate intermediate results to the company every 1–2 weeks.

During the project, we communicated with the client via Slack and Google Meet, providing a demo of every sprint and sharing information about progress. Our specialists were always in touch to answer questions and discuss the necessary issues.

Mobile app design for the European provider of e-bicycles

Key features

Our experts created a UI/UX design of a mobile application for e-bicycle management that involves the following features:

  1. Sign up/in
  2. Forget password feature
  3. A personal message when a user opens or closes the app
  4. Navigation system with each e-bike having its own GPS module
  5. Geo location
  6. Light switch on/off
  7. Performance tracking: distance, speed, battery level, etc.
  8. Anti-theft system: a user receives an automatic notification if a bike starts moving without permission
  9. Crash detection: the app sends a notification to an indicated person, for instance, mom, dad, or wife
  10. Result sharing in social networks results
  11. The possibility to convert passed km into ecocoins
  12. Biometrics: user authentication via facial recognition
  13. Maintenance notification: the product sends an alert if something fails and shows the way to a repair shop


1.5 months.


Aligned Code

a business analyst, a UI/UX designer.


With a modern, beautiful, and intuitive design of a mobile product, the client tested user reaction and got positive feedback. Since the company was completely satisfied with the outcome and overall cooperation with Aligned Code, it decided to delegate mobile application development to us, too.

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