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Validate the idea, get the first users, and raise funds with our MVP software development services. Get an MVP in 3–6.5 months, then scale it and start generating revenue.

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Our MVP development services

Idea validation

Create a landing page presenting a startup idea, attract traffic, and prove idea feasibility in figures (user emails, waiting list subscribers, etc.) prior to MVP development. Showcase the results to potential investors and raise capital.

Timing: 4–8 weeks

Business analysis

Get a clear vision of the target audience and competitors to find product market fit, then compile appealing pitches. Prioritize features, receive time/cost estimates, and reduce extra work.

Timing: 3–6 weeks

Proof of concept

Review a technical concept implementation before building a digital product. Our engineers evaluate various technologies and architectures to choose the best stack for your project.

Timing: 2–4 weeks

Prototyping & user testing

Our MVP development company starts by crafting an interactive prototype that allows you to visualize the user journey. Through rigorous user testing, we verify that the product meets the audience’s expectations.

Timing: 2–4 weeks

MVP product design

A modern user-centric design is at the heart of every successful MVP. We create beautiful, intuitive interfaces that leave a lasting positive impression on your customers.

Timing: 4–6 weeks

MVP app development

Delivering new features every 1–3 weeks, our MVP development team brings your vision to life. By enabling a CI/CD pipeline, we automate building, testing, and deployment times.

Timing: 8–12 weeks


Receive an error-free product that runs smoothly through our MVP testing services. Our QA experts prevent potential bottlenecks such as low performance and security breaches.

Timing: 2–4 weeks
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  • #Web
  • #Mobile
  • #Tv
  • #Media

A video-on-demand platform for TV, web, and mobile devices

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  • #Web
  • #Saas
  • #Agriculture

A SaaS system and PWA app for pig farm management in Germany

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  • #Mobile
  • #Design
  • #E-commerce

Mobile app design for the manufacturer and supplier of e-bicycles

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How we build stunning MVPs

Our MVP appdevelopment process

  1. 01

    Discovery. Discovery. Obtain a clear market view, identify the best monetization strategy, and receive an MVP delivery roadmap.

  2. 02

    Prototyping. Prototyping. Get a tangible product visualization with a dynamic prototype and collect the early feedback from stakeholders.

  3. 03

    Design. Enjoy a stunning, functional UI/UX design loved by the target audience and clear for software engineers.

  4. 04

    Development. Our team creates a cost-effective MVP, reducing the feature release cycle from a few months to 1–3 weeks. 

  5. 05

    Testing. Make sure your digital solution will operate smoothly and have no security issues through comprehensive testing.

  6. 06

    Launch. Introduce a software product to the market and attract users.

  7. 07

    Support & Maintenance. We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your product remains efficient and aligns with changing customer needs.

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