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Photo Editor

A mobile photo editing app for a technology startup

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Business results

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    With an MVP built by Aligned Code, the startup raised $1.2 million in funding.

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    The product had over 15,000 monthly active users (MAU) in 20 weeks after release.

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    Delivering a mobile photo editing app in 2 months, the client was able to timely showcase it to investors.

Clientabout us

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“It was a pleasure to work with Aligned Code. They were always responsive, professional, and disciplined. Throughout the project, the team provided valuable insights and suggestions that helped us prioritize features effectively and improve the time to market. I highly recommend Aligned Code to anyone looking for a reliable IT partner with whom it's easy to collaborate.”

CEO at a technology startup.

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About the project


Based in the US, the client is a provider of social media and entertainment applications. Having been operating in the B2C market for over 3 years, the startup wanted to reach out to new market segments and raise funds.

Project goal

Delivering social networking and entertainment solutions, the company wanted to extend its audience and increase revenue by trying out new verticals. After thorough market research, the customer saw an opportunity to create a mobile photo editor app.

This category was very promising, with a wide audience and many ideas concentrated there. However, the client did not have experience in mobile development.

Looking for an IT partner with the required skills to make an MVP and verify the product idea, the startup turned to Aligned Code, finding us by referral. Since the company needed to demonstrate an MVP to investors, there were tight deadlines for delivery.

Case study: a mobile photo editing app for a technology startup


Our software experts started by analyzing the company’s goals and requirements. At this stage, we helped the client conduct business analysis, including competitor research. As a result, our BA created a list of potentially useful features and identified key functionality for the first version.

We decided to build a mobile photo editing app for iOS only in order to test the idea and measure the audience's reaction. Furthermore, our team estimated the work scope, wrote a technical specification, and outlined a solution delivery roadmap.

Employing the Scrum methodology, we separated the whole project into epics and user stories, then prioritized them and proceeded towards mobile application development. In two weeks, our UI/UX experts created a dynamic clickable prototype, which was further converted into a beautiful, intuitive design.

Case study: a mobile photo editing app for a technology startup

By following Agile best practices, our engineers were able to implement new features every 1−2 weeks, showcasing intermediate demos to the customer and getting immediate feedback. Thanks to this, we managed to introduce the necessary changes on the go, preventing extra work and reducing time to market.

To ensure smooth, error-free product operation, our QA professionals performed various types of testing, for instance, manual, functional, and integration. On top of that, we prevented security and performance bottlenecks while ensuring compliance with software specifications.

Speaking of communication flow, our team provided the client with daily reports about the completed work and task statuses. We also held weekly meetings with the customer to discuss the required issues. Additionally, our specialists were always in touch on Slack and Gmail.

Case study: a mobile photo editing app for a technology startup

Key features

Our team has developed a mobile photo editing app for iOS that involves hundreds of filters and outstanding effects. The product allows users to create artistic, high-quality works without any professional skills with a few touches.

The MVP has the following features:

  • Fast onboarding
  • Photo creation via camera
  • Numerous filters
  • Hundreds of photo effects: VHS, Glitch, Grain, Cinema, etc.
  • Photo sharing and saving
  • Different subscription plans
  • Subscription adding and canceling
  • Plan upgrading


2 months.


Aligned Code

a project manager, a UI/UX designer, a frontend developer, a backend developer, a QA engineer.

Tech stack


Partnering with Aligned Code, the client developed a mobile photo editing app and raised $1.2 million in funding. In 5 months after release, the product had more than 15,000 MAU. Delivering the MVP in 2 months, the startup managed to timely demonstrate it to investors.

At the moment, we are providing post-launch support and maintenance, instantly fixing arising issues and introducing updates on demand. In addition, the customer is preparing the feature scope for the next app version, for example, AI-based effects.

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